Starting in 2006, a group of individuals dared to dream of a world where income would not interfere with a child's access to an exceptional education, and where life’s circumstances would not diminish one's ability to reach her full potential. The founders understood that their vision demanded an engaged community to make change possible. Serviam Girls Academy, ~100% donor-supported without a guaranteed funding stream, is the product of that bold vision.

Your involvement in this mission offers hope to families, ensures that Serviam students become leaders rather than statistics, and that Serviam Girls Academy flourishes as a vehicle for transforming our community. Your investment opens doors to a future otherwise unimagined, one girl, one individual, one family at a time. 

Thank you to those of you who have made, and are willing to make, an investment in Serviam and its students' future.

Light the Way

2020 marks a new chapter in Serviam Girls Academy’s transformative history, beginning anew with its move to Wilmington, Delaware. Help Serviam Light the Way to its new home, in this new decade, by supporting our Light the Way Campaign.  Join those who have already made a pledge.

Make a multi-year pledge of $30,000, $10,000/year, in support of one of our classrooms; or $15,000, $5,000/year in support of our vital staffing or enrichment efforts. Donate $10,000 and become an Expansive Classroom partner providing opportunities for intentional immersive experiences that facilitate the engagement of your employees with our students to advance excellence and diversity in the future workforce.

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Inspiring Minds, Creating Futures

Launched in 2018, Eighty-five of Serviam’s faithful donors made a $2.022 million, five-year investment in girls education, helping create a sustainable, challenging, and innovative academic landscape for the future workforce. Join these eighty-five individuals and invest in a girls education today.

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Final.Inspiring Minds Summary.12.2019 - IMCF Pledge List.png
Final.Inspiring Minds Summary.12.2019 - IMCF Pledge List.png
Final.Inspiring Minds Summary.12.2019 - IMCF Pledge List.png