School Sponsors:

Student Sponsor$10,000
STEM/Arts Sponsor$5,000
Athletic Team Sponsor$2,500
Technology Sponsor$1,000
Healthy Foods Sponsor$500
Classroom supplies Sponsor$100
Field Trip Fund -- support transportation and admissions costs Give at your discretion

Classroom-specific Needs

Customized Student Planners$800
Subscriptions to Junior Scholastic Magazine$600
Subscription to Scholastic Science$600
IXL Subscription -- adaptive core curricular practice program$1339
Geography Workbooks, Grades 5 - 8 $300
Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workbooks & Test booklets$300
Flocabulary Yearly Subscription $96
Educational Songs and Videos: Making learning accessible, engaging and relevant.
High School Placement Test Prep books (8th grade)
“Choices” Life Skills workbooks, grades 5-8$620
Track & Field Uniforms - 30 tops & bottoms $2,100
Volleyball holes and sleeves$1,200
Two Beaded Speed Jump Ropes$190
Two Crossfit Battling Ropes$140
Two Robic SC-606W 50 Memory Stopwatch $70
Four Dynamax Balls - 2 X 4lbs., and 2 X 6lbs.$330

School-wide Needs:

Cafeteria/Kitchen Supplies$520
Expo Markers/erasers$120
Navy uniform Crew Neck Sweaters 20 X 20.98 ea$420
SMARTBoard repairs/services$1500