Girls Academy


Educating, Inspiring, & Transforming Young Women 

A Tuition-Free Private Middle School In Wilmington, Delaware

Our Mission

Cultivating the potential of young women through a challenging, holistic education rooted in the Ursuline tradition.

Our Vision

Empowering young women, changing the world.

An Innovative Education

Extended Day

Innovative education demands creative approaches to engage the learner. A Serviam education is characterized by a full 10-hour day, from breakfast through core classes, including daily gym class, to homework and enrichment hours, where students can choose between a variety of clubs and athletics. With so many opportunities to explore, our students are inspired to learn.

Our History and Core Values

Since 2008

Serviam Girls Academy is part of a 45 year tradition of providing a high quality middle school education to adolescents with great potential but with limited resources. Part of a NativityMiguel network, and steeped in the Ursuline tradition, Serviam was founded on the premise that the community would invest in an education that allows every child the opportunity to reach her full potential.

A Full Year Of Education

Extended Year:
Summer Program

Recognizing that one’s education does not end simply because the school year is over, Serviam provides a full 10+ month school year, which includes a mandatory four week Summer Program in July. Our Summer Program helps build community, inspire passion, and bridge potential learning gaps that often occur over a three month-long summer vacation.

A Tuition-Free Private School

An Exceptional Education

Serviam Girls Academy is the only tuition-free private school for girls from under-resourced families in Delaware. Serviam’s mission is to provide quality education to 60 underserved middle school girls in grades 5th to 8th. Small classes (12-18 students) are intentionally designed to foster a strong, nurturing community and allow for individualized attention.


Long-Term Success

Graduate Support Program

Serviam Girls Academy is committed to ensuring the long-term success of our students as they begin their journey beyond Serviam. Our Graduate Support Program is designed to lay the foundation for our students to attend and graduate from college preparatory high schools and then colleges. The program also facilitates access to a network of peers and adults that provide them support as they strive to lead successful lives.