What A Year Looks Like

Innovative education demands creative approaches to engage the learner. A Serviam education is characterized by a full, 10 hour day, from breakfast through core classes, to daily gym class, to clubs and athletics; students are inspired to learn. A full, 10+ month year, which includes a mandatory four week Summer Program in July, helps facilitate community and bridge potential learning gaps that often occur over a three month-long summer vacation.



Serviam's academic year begins with a four week, mandatory Summer Program, during which academic instruction is interwoven with hands-on, project-based activities. Students are provided opportunities such as Soils camp, cross fit, and dance, that helps provide context to, and enrich, their academic experience, and prepare them for the year.

Sports & Activities

  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Gardening
  • Cross Fit
  • Gymnastics

August - October


Refreshed from their break, students return to school in late August to a week of orientation and community building. Routine is established, studies begin in earnest, and new opportunities are presented in order to provide an exceptional educational experience.


  • Volleyball *
  • Girls on the Run

November - February


The rhythm of the year is well established; students move seemlessly through the day.Time and energy are devoted to high school preparation for the 8th graders, from test preparation to application submissions. Service is in full swing, from thanking our donors to assisting those in need in our community.


  • Basketball *
  • Swimming

March - June


Long-term projects, high school acceptances, warmer weather, year-end celebrations and graduation characterize the final quarter of the Serviam school year. The strong community bonds established during the course of the year accent the academic growth and skill development students experience annually at SGA.


  • Rugby
  • Track & Field
  • Golf