2016 Presidential Debate


On November 2, 2016, the Serviam Girls Academy Debate Club held a presidential debate that rivaled the real-world debates between the 2016 presidential candidates. The students paired off into two teams—Team Trump and Team Clinton—and they argued why their candidate should be elected to the most powerful office in the United States. Students debated their candidate’s personal history and experiences, and topics that ranged from education and the environment to foreign policy and the economy. After making powerful arguments for their candidates, the students switched sides and had to argue for the other candidate.

One of the most remarkable things about the Serviam debate was that every student actively participated, even if they were initially shy about speaking in front of their classmates.  The debate reinforced some of the lessons and key principles that our students are learning at Serviam, including how to understand both sides of an issue and how to respectfully respond to opposing views.  By the end of the debate, the students were eager to respond to their opponent, and they looked and sounded like future leaders of our state and country.