Day Of Service: Serviam Serving Others

serving others.jpeg

On Monday, January 16, students, staff, parents, and volunteers from Serviam Girls Academy joined others across the nation in celebrating Martin Luther King Day by performing service in the community. Our Day of Service covered four different locations throughout the area.

Those visiting Faithful Friends spent time making dog treats, cleaning food and water bowls, and folding towels and sheets. Their favorite part of the day was playing with the kittens.

Another SGA group spent time at The Tower Hill School where they made bread from scratch which was sent to the Emmanuel Dining Room, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches that were delivered to Sojourners, and dog treats for the Humane Association. There was even time to view an MLK video and play a trivia game.

At the Hagley Museum, volunteers assisted with Hagley’s Innovation Convention, “Lights, Camera, Action”. There they helped families and children with early animation activities, such as creating animation flip books and thaumatropes. Not only did students have fun, they gained great experiences in public speaking and providing instructions.

The Delaware Humane Society provided opportunities for SGA volunteers to clean windows, stuff envelopes and clean water and food bowls.

Everyone enjoyed a fun and rewarding day!