Schoolwide COVID-19 Response

During the unprecedented times in which we are currently living, one thing remains certain: an exceptional education is the best preparation for navigating uncertainty.

Serviam Girls Academy remains committed to providing a holistic and challenging education based in compassion, knowing it is the best remedy for navigating an uncertain world. Our faculty and staff will continue to work together to provide virtual learning opportunities that reinforce skills and create meaningful learning opportunities through the end of the year.

We appreciate your continued support in setting high expectations for your daughters to remain actively engaged in and complete these and additional assignments. Please be assured that all assignments will be collected, graded and be counted towards your daughter’s performance. 

Serviam will continue to utilize the following platforms:

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online classroom through which teachers and students can interact and engage together in instruction and classwork. All students are currently enrolled in and are familiar with Google Classroom. **


ZOOM, for classroom meetings

  • All ZOOM lessons will be recorded in order to provide your daughters access to them at any time.
  • All ZOOM meetings with students, and their recordings, are open only to Serviam faculty, staff and students (and those families who signed up to join the classroom) and will not be shared outside of this community.
  • Best practices for all ZOOM or other virtual classroom platforms, especially when recorded, recommend that all participants:
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Conduct video online classes in an appropriate room, away from the “commotion” (TV, other people, pets, etc.) of everyday life.
    • When possible, wear headphones.
    • Silence all other devices.
    • Keep your ZOOM-enabled device on MUTE unless you are speaking.
    • Avoid eating during class time.
    • Maintain the student code of conduct (pg 21) and the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology at all times. 

Additional Resources

  • REMIND,  -- if not registered please use class code: @halcyondr
  • Nearpod, virtual classroom lessons. The codes will be given by teacher
  • IXL, usernames and passwords in case students are having log-in issues.
  • Khan Academy, Students can practice skills with exercises, quizzes, and mastery challenges and get immediate feedback and support in 40 different languages. Assignments will be initiated by the teacher.

**Teachers are able to individually add each guardian to Google Classroom for you to oversee your child’s work. If you have not yet logged onto your daughter’s Google Classroom account, please email each teacher, listed below, with the correct email address to which you would like her to send the invitation:

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to reuniting in person soon.

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Guides Created for families about online learning:

Community Resources

Free Meals-To-Go


  • DART Is offering free bus rides to students to meal pick up locations

Online Support

Food Closets

Claymont Area:

  • Claymont Community Center       (302)792-2757
  • Holy Rosary (302)798-1513

Wilmington Area:   

  • West End Neighborhood House   (302)658-4171
  • Saint Patricks Center (302)652-6219
  • LACC Family Support Center.      (302)655-7338
  • Salvation Army Family Services   (302)472-0750

 New Castle:

  • Amazing Grace Us (302) 777-7791
  • LIFE Program (302) 654-8886

Bear/Newark Area:

  • Red Lion United Methodist Church (302)834-1599
  • Union Methodist Church (302)322-3118
  • Food Bank of Delaware (302)292-1305
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Caronavirus Awareness

Accurate and timely information regarding the coronavirus outbreak is available through the Division of Public Health's website as well as the CDC’s website and social media channels.

The CDC has issued a guide on making your own face mask, plus instructions on wearing it properly.

If you have concerns about handling money this article has some helpful information.