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Star Army Navy Store: www.starschooluniforms.com 
4800 Pennell Road
Aston PA

Tommy Hilfiger: www.globalschoolwear.com School Code: SERV01

Appropriate uniform attire:

  • Face Mask
  • Navy Blue Polo
  • Skirt
  • Knee Socks
  • Strap or tie up shoes
  • Must bring Serviam gym uniform to change into!

Student/Tutor Expectations

What we expect from you, the student. You will:

  • Attend each class/lab. 
  • Remain respectful in your communication with all participants.
  • Arrive on time, ready to participate and with a desire to learn.
    • Sit upright, at a desk or table, where you can give your full attention to the session.
    • Wear your Serviam shirt; be aware of your surroundings and background.
  • Review course content and have your class materials (textbooks, class notes, calculator, etc.) with you.
    • Attempt homework on your own before bringing it to a tutor for help; we cannot do homework for you.
    • Prepare specific questions, problems or concepts to address ahead of time.
  • Where possible, log onto Zoom in a common space where you will not be distracted but where an adult can observe, if desired.
    • Create a positive learning environment and minimize noise, interruptions, food, cell phones, etc..
    • Please do not eat during your session.
  • Make the most of your time with your tutor; ask questions, actively work to resolve them.

What you can expect from us. We, the tutor, will:

  • Abide by the requirements laid out in COPPA.
  • Set clear expectations about the session and encourage you to be an independent learner, actively listen and ask clarifying questions.
  • Offer a positive attitude and be respectful of your diverse perspective, learning style.
    Create a positive learning environment and minimize noise, interruptions, food, cell phones, etc.
  • Address your questions -- and engage you in identifying the answers --  to the best of our ability.
  • Share our knowledge of other available resources to assist in your success.
  • Welcome Serviam faculty and administration as well as parent/guardian observation, both announced and unannounced.