Summer Program

The Achievement Gap

Across demographics, students typically advance their learning at similar rates throughout the school year. During the summer, however, their learning slows. This effect is particularly strong for at-risk students, who often times see a retreat in learning over the summer. Although equal in June, there could be a two or three month difference between two students’ learning by September. This effect is called the “achievement gap”.


Our Program

Students participate in Serviam’s mandatory four week Summer Program.   Research has shown that during summer vacation, a student’s rate of academic development declines.  All children lose academic skills during the summer months, but children without access to educational and enrichment opportunities lose those skills at a faster rate, resulting in a cumulative impact over time. Serviam’s Summer Program helps prevent summer learning loss by providing focused, specialized attention to students in the academic subjects they may have struggled with during the year as well as by providing engaging and empowering opportunities to learn new ideas, build skills and have fun. The six hour day includes academic reinforcement, project-based learning opportunities and enrichment programming such as arts, athletics, STEM, and leadership as well as field trips.


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